Self portrait as afro-Caribbean braid-haired woman and a short film.

London VOX Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, London
January-February 2010

London life, as the framework of this show, is a confusing condition that calls for identity check. Looking around, hearing and smelling makes you often a cultural chameleon, that takes over the surrounding – in order to fit in.

This piece mostly discusses my place as a constant visitor: in this city, neighbourhood, culture and religion. It can be interpreted as a gesture, but can also be described as unifying, deconstructive blending, that wants to erase ghetto like boundaries and force PCism.

The piece is visually referring to traditional style and hair-do of this side of the river, and is presented in a traditional, almost religious composition on canvas on one hand, and as self inflicted process in the film. The foreignness and alienation pop out of the canvas-screen at second glance, with the uncertainty of origins, colour and nationality.




film stills