My piece, Asolo "Murano" Horse and Other Stories, consists of an object and a short film. It is a beautiful horse sculpture, covered with a pattern resembling a Murano glass texture.The horse model relays to personal memories from Venice and Italy, of a dismantled Merry Go Round from the city Asolo, and of the gorgeous Murano Island.

A closer look will reveal the fake hand-made texture, and followed by the film we raise questions of authenticity, both of material and memory.

Asolo Murano Horse Asolo Murano Film


About the show: Markers 7 project “Culture Kiosk/Souvenir Art”. The exhibition will be shown at the Scalamata Gallery in the Jewish Ghetto located in the centre of the city, during the month of June 2009, and will coincide with the opening events of the Venice Biennale.

 The “Markers” projects have been exhibited in Venice since 2001. Initiative and production was carried out by the Artura/Projective International Artists’ Museum team with the help of the Venice Municipality and local friends.

Each participating artist is suggesting a “memory gifts” (souvenirs) relating to Venice – the city of peace. The souvenir is an element connected with memory and the relation to a specific place and time in the life of the artist.