The Uhm El Fahem Archive is the only one of its kind, consisting of history, images and culture of the Arab community is Israel. A recent project was lately completed, compiling bespoke photographs and films of the elders and documentation of their stories and memories.

As my part, I chose to investigate the folklore, the bedtime and everyday folk tales, known to everyone. I found a rich world of educational and/or simple-fun tales, on its multiple versions, surprisingly international. I found many ties and resemblances between the stories of different cultures, each facilitating its own beliefs through the moral lesson.

I am creating a collection of images, drawings, objects, sound pieces and more, based on my understanding of the tales. From mapping the animals and humans in this rich dictionary, through naive painting of the narratives themselves and to more charged installations.

Being an Israeli Jew obviously makes me an outsider, but also very much connected to the subject, the places, the characters and themes. I am fascinated by the revealed sub-context and manipulate it to my own needs, what add another layer to the project, whether political, social or simply aesthetic.