Macondo Gallery Hoxton Square, London
Macondo Gallery Islington, London
February 2009

From the Press Release:

Horizontal PaperWorks is a collection of lightweight, poppy-vibe pieces by Tamar Lev-On. Together with their comics-like aesthetics they convey current thoughts and emotions. The pieces will either make you smile or think but most likely do both.

Horizontal PaperWorks is all paper related, including illustrations, collages, photographs, post-it pieces and more, all created during 2008.



"I find HPW aesthetics appropriate to the homely atmosphere of the double-spaced Macondo … They (the pieces) are not to be taken too seriously, but aim to create an emotional assembly that is inspired and at the same time terrified of current happenings."

One can mention the ever relevant "Woolworth's Post-Its" made mid 2008, unaware of their future crash and burn. It quotes from a post-it package, on top of arrayed post-it notes, creating a colorful 3d carpet.