One of seven newly commissioned short films,

In Bridges: Video Art Exhibition, July 2011
in Susan Dalal Centre and Tavi Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv 

The call for submissions for this show defined the theme Bridges as either a physical and architectural structure, or as a symbolic concept carrying broad definitions. A bridge could lead from the familiar to the unknown and timeless.

My piece investigates the optional bridging between Israel, where I was born and grew up, and London where I currently live and work. The centre-point of the cultural and lingual bridges is my practice. I wished I could “fold” those bridges and mix both environments.

My piece is a five minutes road-movie. I am importing nostalgia into reality thus bridging between the worlds. The journey is experienced through a 3-dimentional model of the house I grew up in. It arrives in London on a river, takes a train ride, goes by tube and being carried by me until we reach our new home together, passing well known London landmarks as well as personally significant locations.

This film was produced with the support of
The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts - Cinema Project
with the participation of the Leon Recanati Foundation

Supported by the Cultural Administration,
Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport,The Israel Film Council


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Hand printered and embroidered fabric