iGeneration exhibition, The Gallery @ Willesden Green, January-February 2010

This site specific piece is an organic “wallpaper” pattern, resembling DNA chains and examining possibilities of human-machine-man-woman links. This “maze” is made of aluminum segments, crafted and installed on the gallery wall taking into account its shape and size.

This mapping of future population uses figures which refer to primitive archetypical man/woman posture, and the wall composition reminisce cave-drawings or Egyptian papyrus, in a contemporary interpretation, silver and mechanized.




The suggested future is assembled from human/robotic particles, where kinetic body organs are transplanted in human bodies, and cognitive human organs are transplanted in robots. As in any evolution process, robo-man-kind will improve and upgrade life and turn into legitimate link in the population chain.

The robotic figures are the outcome of human efficiency and evolvement. The female is rounder and has limited mobility while the male is mass, dictated by popular proportions.