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In this collection of recent projects, you can find:


Artists' Greenhouse

Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel-Aviv
April 2016

40 Pieces Exploring dualities and death


Competition Winner
Rosa Art

Dulwich Picture Gallery, London
December 2010

3D-collage, compiled by scenes and figures all used in Salvator Rosa’s paintings.


Autumn Salon exhibition

Red Gate Gallery, London

Mothers is a video piece inspired by a Russian Babushka doll, both verbally (Grandmother) and thematically – a woman containing another and so forth.

Brixton Princess

London VOX Exhibition

Red Gate Gallery, London
January-February 2010

The piece is visually referring to traditional style and hair-do of this side of the river, and is presented in a traditional, almost religious composition on canvas on one hand, and as self inflicted process in the film. The foreignness and alienation pop out of the canvas-screen at second glance, with the uncertainty of origins, colour and nationality.

The Elements

iGeneration exhibition

The Gallery @ Willesden Green, January-February 2010

This site specific piece is an organic “wallpaper” pattern, resembling DNA chains and examining possibilities of human-machine-man-woman links. This “maze” is made of aluminum segments, crafted and installed on the gallery wall taking into account its shape and size.

Asolo “Murano” Horse and Other Stories

Souvenir Art Exhibition

Scala Mata Gallery, Venice
53rd Venice Biennial, 2009

Object and film: a precious horse sculpture, covered with a pattern resembling a Murano glass texture. The horse model relays to personal memories of a dismantled Merry Go Round from the city Asolo, and of the gorgeous Murano Island. A closer look will reveal the fake hand-made texture, and followed by the film raise questions of authenticity, both of material and memories.

Horizontal PaperWorks Exhibition

Macondo Gallery, Islington and Macondo Gallery, Shoreditch, London

Lightweight paper related works, from collages, to Post-Its works and photo installation.

Origin of Species

A plant in the

Hachava Gallery, Israel

Object/tree, a show marking the Jewish celebration of nature holiday, my small olive tree was planted in a rough wood box, and its branches were “x-rayed” on its side, like a human skeleton, suggesting the politically charged olive tree is biologically connected to us.


Lies and Damned Lies Exhibition

Bargehouse Gallery, London

Fictional archive, depicting the murder of Lord Henry Kent at the Bargehouse site that was documented on the “Mariner Weekly” newspaper dated 1897. The case intrigued me because of the resemblance of Lord Kent’s daughter to the women in my family. The archive includes Screen Prints, Paintings, Photographs, Collage and more, and followed by a tour in the crucial five points of the building, where the documented events took place.


The Dummy Project Exhibition

Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston

Collaborative film: a cinematic collage of horizons and distant point of view, empty from human presence. It is an estranged look at the world. The film was accompanied by a full length daily international film program, curated by the “Art and Space” group.

What happened in Woolwich Ferry


Experimental project inspired by the magnificent and bizarre Woolwich Ferry in London. Mock historical documentation of the ferry and its happenings, conveyed through classic animation, modelling and projections on architectural distorted models. A film summarizing the project was shown at the “Dummy Project” show.

Street Bodies


A series of photographed installations, marking bodies in the streets of London.


2006 – ongoing

A collaborative ambitious project, mapping 24 hours through film-sequences showing time reference. Everyone is invited to contribute from his or her own personal film knowledge.



Project in progress for future exhibition exploring Arabic myth and lore; consisting of paintings, illustrations, text and sound, following narratives from archived material of popular tales and anecdotes, interpreted by me through contemporary means.

Miscellaneous Projects and Future Ideas


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